Day 4 – Now With Added Resistance Training

I must admit i felt ready to take on the world this morning upon waking up after my rest day.  I felt relaxed and rested and nothing ached.

Setting about my normal morning routine of getting my daughter ready for school and other mundane parenty/housey things.  So i think about what i need to do today.  Nothing special just pick up a few things and go to the vape shop and get a hair cut.  My daughter is ready and I open the door to see a morning that matches doesn’t match my Cheery mood at all.  Gray, Damp and drizzly horror morning it was.  Still that wasn’t going to put a crimp in my day.

Daughter dropped off at School I drive to the local shops to get some minor groceries and pop into the hair dressers to have a cut.  First thing I notice is the shutters down on the hairdressers.  Oh well cut hair was not meant to be today at least.  So i go into my local One Stop for the eggs and bread i need for some poached eggs on toast.  Eggs are nowhere to be seen and the only bread they have left is either Doorstop cut or some best of both nonsense (for toast I Always like White medium cut bread).  Ah well off to the local Tesco where i am successful in getting my bread and eggs.  Now for the Vape shop.

I leave Tesco and drive towards Shirley where my vape shop of choice is located.  Drizzle turn into insistent rain as i turn a corner and continue on my merry way.  While going uphill with parked cars on both sides my driver’s side windscreen wiper decides that this is the perfect time to commit hara-kiri spreading bit of itself over my windscreen.  I’m beginning to think this may not be my day.  So I pull over.  Fortunately the fix is fairly simple and is just a case of putting bits back together.  Unfortunately insistent rain turns into very heavy rain of the kind that really knows how to get you wet.  Still Wiper fixed and damper than i would like continue to the vape shop.

I get there without further incident.  Have a nice chat with the lady behind the counter as I’m something of a regular now and buy the three flavors that I normally buy.  I return home, it’s still a bit early for me to eat or go to the Gym so I decide to play some Elite:Dangerous on the computer,  Load it up, pick up some courier missions and off i go. It’s going to be a few mins before I get to the outpost i have to land at to make my delivery and as my vape is looking a little empty i decided to fill it.  Fishing around in the bag I pull out a bottle of Vape juice called Dawn.  The problem here is that i don’t like Dawn, I like Dusk.  Bugger now i have to go back and change it.  For reference the other two flavors were exactly what i ordered so i fill up one of my tanks with one of those.  Now I am getting near the planetary outpost so i get ready to land at turn in the missions.  Now I’ve done this Hundreds of times without incident though on this occasion just as I’m lining up to land i sneeze.  The sneeze causes me to accidentally hit my afterburner key and point my nose down which caused me to impact the landing pad at high-speed.  My ship goes bang (as even a computer generated one would in these situations) and I am looking at what is affectionately called the rebuy screen.  So I rebuy, let the game load me at the last port I actually landed at and do what any reasonable game would do in this situation.  I ragequit and watch some tv (and episode of red dwarf as it happen).

I am now getting hungry so i make poached eggs for Myself and my wife.  Check the time after finishing them and see i still have an hour before my intended time at the Gym.  So I sit down and get comfy and put QI XL on Netflix.  Two and a bit episodes later I wake up with and aching neck.  Massaging it out as best as i can I get ready and leave for the Gym.

When I arrive at the Gym i find a Honda Jazz and Ford Focus (may have been a fiesta I’m not sure) partially blocking the entrance.  Turns out that the Honda Jazz had cut out and the gentleman driving it had managed to flatten the battery trying to restart it.  The Ford was there to give him a Jump.  So i pop my handbrake and hazards on and get out of the car to help.  I go to the back of the Jazz and get ready to push it into position so that the Ford can jump start it.  No sooner had my hands touched the Jazz when a horn goes off.  I look over and there is an annoyed woman pointing at my car.  The conversation goes something like this.

“Who’s Car is THAT” pointing at my car

“That would be mine”

“Can you move it so I can get In”

“Yes, I will as soon as I help this Gentleman out the way”

“But I’m in a hurry, I want to get in the car park”

“Well as you can plainly see this mans car is blocking my entrance, so where do you suggest I move it to ?”

“Some people are so RUDE and have no Consideration for other people” (True but she isn’t the person she was referring to I’m sure)

She then winds the window up and decides that continually honking the horn will speed us up no end.  Now it’s safe to say that my mood today has gone from Cheery to Irked and is now settling on a seething murderous rage.  So we move the Jazz. Get the bonnet open and I can now go about my business.  I get back in my car and go off to find a parking spot followed by little miss in a hurry.  I see a car pulling out so indicate to take his spot.  At this point i hear a now all to familiar honk as apparently i’m not turning fast enough.  He pulls out, I pull in and notice that the parking space in front is also empty.  So i pull though, Put the handbrake on, gather my stuff.  At this point I look up and notice little miss in a hurry looking at me.  Seems I took the spot she had her eye on.  So I give her a little wink and lock the car.  Was it petty, yes. Was it infantile, Yes.  You know what else it was.  It was so, SO satisfying.

So I’m now in the Gym.  I do my normal workout and do a full 45 mins Cardio and all the little frustrations (even little miss in a hurry) just evaporate.  Today, however, I’m going to do resistance trainers as well (think that is what they are called).  Basically they are adjustable machines (by adjusting the weight).  Now It’s not that impressive but i managed to do 3 sets of 10 reps on each at 15kg.  By the end of it I felt that my arms and legs were going to fall off.  After a few mins I recover sufficiently to leave.

When i get back to my car i notice my friend little miss in a hurry returning to hers.  She obviously recognizes me as she gives me the friendliest of scowls. I smile back and get in my car.  Pull out and drive past her as she is starting up.  Scowling the whole time as i pass she continues to look at me.  So much so she fails to see the big white van she pulls out into.

Salad for tea tonight i think.

I guess I learnt this from today.  Things go wrong.  Life is full of little annoyances that we tend to focus on.  Things block our path and don’t go to plan.  Even with the best of intentions we can sometimes lose it.  For these times, Do something you enjoy and regain your happiness.  If you don’t you’ll end up focusing too much on what annoyed you and will miss something large and obvious.  If that happens you’ll probably ruin your day and someone else’s.


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