It’s All Over……Well Actually its not.

So I went to see my doctor yesterday about my hurting knee.

It seem that my desire to complete the couch to 5k program and eventually run a marathon has come to a juddering short pause.   My knee pain is caused by a weak quadriceps on my left side.  If you don’t know the quadricep muscles are part of your thigh and a part of their job is holding the knee in place.  So basically as i have gone from couch potato to too much exercise I have aggravated the joint thus causing the aching hurty knee.

So for the moment the C25k has to go on hold.  I pushed my body too fast and now my body is pushing back.  Having discussed my routine with the doctor she has advised that i don’t attempt to run for at least a month and instead take a 20 min brisk walk in place of my C25k and to make good use of the Quad machine at the gym.  She also said to take 2 or 3 days break from any strenuous form of exercise to allow my body to heal.  She did give me some stretches (which i have been doing) to help build up the weak quad.  Other than that stay off the leg as much as possible.

Thing is today is supposed to be a gym day and i actually missed going.  Kinda a weird statement for a 15 stone 8 3/4 pound (99kg in case you were wondering) ex smoker who three weeks ago thought exercise was the dirtiest of dirty words.  That said it is genuinely irritating me that i can’t work out properly.  The most galling thing of it all though is that I know that the only person to blame is myself. 

Still onwards and upwards.  Just need to rest.  Ease off and follow the docs advise.

All this has put me in a strange mood though

How strange you ask.

Here is a random picture of pineapple to show you.



Yeap that is how they are grown.

Now I wish I had  two pens and an apple….

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