My Son Is Trying To Kill Me.

This morning I woke up feeling fine.

I must admit I thought that I would ache more than I did and as an extra bonus I actually felt like I’d slept properly. Now i did have a few muscles that were reminding me of their existence, However, after a bit of stretching they were happy once more.

So I get out of bed.  Wander down into the kitchen and make coffee and a bowl of Shreddies.  Make my way into the lounge and start browsing stuff on the net while I’m eating.  Half way through my bowl of Shreddies my son walks down the stairs as he is going for his first driving lesson.  Just before he leaves he asks me if I want to go to the Gym and go for a ride when he gets back.

Queue startled rabbit in headlight look.

A second or so passes and I realize that my spoon is still mid way to mouth which is currently open to receive it.  I hadn’t really planned to go to the gym until Monday again but it seems that my son wants to spend some time with me so I agree.

Fast forward three hours or so and we are walking into the Gym.  At this point i remember why I didn’t want to come to the Gym with my son, like ever.  Basically my son has been going to this Gym for about two years and frankly looks like it.  So we have Fit young son in his prime and his couch potato dad walking in.

After changing we set about our workout.  Following his suggestion i push it a little today (by which i mean put everything on a slightly higher setting).  The plan is 5 minutes on the stair machine, recumbent bike and Cross trainer followed by my second Couch to 5k run (which is 20 mins).  Yesterdays settings were 2, 10, 4 and 3.5mph and 5.5 mph (for the couch to 5k training)..  Today is 4, 12, 6 and 4.5mph and 6.5mph respectively.

Now you may be looking at those wondering what they are and thinking that they don’t seem that different.  Well first the first part is the resistance setting  and treadmill speed.  As for the difference.  Well that’s simple.  Those numbers are the difference between feeling like I’ve had a workout and feeling like I’m about to die.

Clearly I didn’t die but I felt for a short time that I was about to.  Mind you I must be a glutton for punishment as while waiting for my son to finish i did another 5 mins on the recumbent bike.

So Gym done for the day we make are way home.  I sit down in the lounge at my computer happy in the knowledge that i have now done my second work out in two days.  My son had wandered off into the kitchen for purposes, as yet, unknown.

Five mins later i am chilling out watching QI and he comes back.  He has fixed his puncture and now wants to go on a bike ride which he reminds me i did say i would do.

The realization hits me that my son actually wants to kill me and doesn’t want to spend time with me at all.  Must be for the life insurance or something.

So off we go on our bike ride.  We head down into Totton, Past the tide mill and into a park and then come back after having a 20 min break on a bench.  All told total riding time was 25 mins and we covered around 6 and a half kilometers (about 4 miles).  Once i work out how i will add the route maps.

Surprisingly despite the fact that it was a bit cold I enjoyed the ride.  The best bit though was getting some time with my son and just talking nonsense for 20 mins while looking at Southampton docks from a different perspective. It doesn’t happen very often.

So I have made the decision to set my workout at the “I’m going to Die” level i spoke about.  No pain no gain and all that guff.  I made this choice safe in the knowledge that tomorrow is Sunday and therefore my “rest” day.

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