Pain, Riding And Healthy Eating

Overnight I was hit by a truck.

That is the only reason I can think of to explain how much I’m hurting when I wake up.  I’m convinced that my body has in fact created new muscles just for the purpose of them hurting. It’s ok though as long as I lay still I’m fine.  Unfortunately it’s time to get my daughter ready and my son wants a lift to work as it is absolutely heaving it down outside.  So despite a heavily protesting body i get up and do the “Parent” thing.

On the way to my son’s work in notice something odd.  Although my right side aches it’s my left side that hurts.  I mention this to my son who goes to the gym a lot.  He points out that this is in fact fairly common and that as I am right handed most of the things i do are with my right hand.  Seem reasonable.  He then goes on to mention that I will probably find that my right side will start hurting.

So son dropped off.  Daughter at school. I think about what i need to do today and remember that i need to go to the vape shop to swap the two bottles of vape juice that i was given by mistake.  Before i go, however, I’m getting hungry so i decide to have some blueberry and apple porridge.  I start to think about healthy eating.

It’s turned into a nice day outside now and i don’t hurt anymore just ache a little so I decide to ride to the vape shop rather than take the car.  While I’m riding I continue to think about healthy eating.  I get to the shop and exchange my vape juices for the right ones and ride home again thinking about healthy eating.

See the thing is I’ve realized that healthy eating is going to be a more expensive option.  A recent acquaintance puts it more eloquently than i can (you can see her guardian opinion video here).  The crux though is this.  It’s far cheaper and cost effective to eat unhealthily than it is to eat healthily.  Now I’ll give you and example.

Last night we had a salad for our evening meal.  Cutting it down to its bare minimum (no dressing, no extra meats) the cost was around £6 for three people to have a salad.  That’s £2 per head.  Now that doesn’t seem much until you think about this.  For the same money i can also get from Tesco (the same place i got the salad from) 20 frozen sausages, 3kg of frozen three way cook chips, 4 tins of baked beans and 2 bags of chicken nuggets.  That is at least 4 days of meals for the price of one evening meal.

Makes you think doesn’t it.

Oh and on a final note.  My son was right.  My right side is now hurting.

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