Return To The Gym

So my knee has been feeling a lot better the last couple of days.

I had been debating going back to the gym on Monday but decided that I should wait until today.  So at around 2pm I arrive.  I’m a little nervous as it has been over a week since i have last been.  Still this time I’m going to take it a bit slower and easier.  Previously I had done a lot of high impact training and I think that my body just pushed back causing my left knee to hurt (I’m right handed so I’m right side dominant). So I have adjusted my routine to suit and will reintroduce the couch to 5k in a couple of week. As a reminder my old routine was;

  1. stretches
  2. Five minutes on the step machine.
  3. Ten mins on the recumbent bike (two mins at setting 10, two mins at setting 16 repeat until time up)
  4. Ten mins on the cross trainer 
  5. 20 mins couch to 5k on the treadmill (brisk walk for one and a half mins, Run for one min)
  6. Weights
  7. stretches

Now you may note that steps 1,3,4 are considered to be high impact and can stress the joints…..Que knee pain.

So my new routine for the next week is; 

  1. stretches
  2. Twenty mins on the recumbent bike (5 mins at setting 8, 5 mins at setting 12, repeat until time up)
  3. Twenty mins on the treadmill doing a brisk walk (4mph speed, 5 mins flat, 5 mins incline level 1.5, repeat)
  4. Weights.
  5. stretches

So the plan is to do this for a week then up the settings. After two or three weeks I will reintroduce the cross trainer.  All being well a week or so after that I will reintroduce the couch to 5k training.  That should give enough time for my weaker quadriceps to build up a bit and prevent my knee hurting.  I will say that it that it is very good to be working out again.  I actually missed it.

So what else have I been up to this week.  Not a lot is the honest answer apart from watching an inordinate amount of pottery videos.  I mean really a lot of them.  Watched a thirty five minute video on traditional Tibetan Blackware today.  This is on top of the various videos I’ve watched on slip molding,  slab construction and throwing on a wheel.  In case you can’t tell I’m really looking forward to my short course starting in 4 weeks.

In the meantime I have several things to keep me busy.  Trying my hand at wood turning, Teaching my daughter how to swim and various other bits and pieces.  I’m sure you’ll hear about some of them at least.

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