Scales, My Wife Was Right and Looking at Other Stuff.

Today is a Rest Day.

By rest I mean going to the Doctors and Hospital and waiting for a couple of hours.  Not for me I should add.  My wife has an ear infection (hence doctors) and she also had her follow up appointment at the eye clinic following her operation(Hence hospital and wait as the consultant was nearly 2 hours behind).

While at the hospital I decide that i need a set of scales as i haven’t weighed myself in about six years.  Looking through Argos I notice a nice set of Salter mechanical scales for under £10.  Salter is a brand that i trust and to be frank I just want to weigh myself.  So I check Stock availability, see there are two available.  Just in case i check the next set of scales up (also mechanical) and see there are three of this available (these are just over £10).  Happy in the knowledge that they have plenty of cheap Salter bathroom scales I continue to wait with my appointment.

After the appointment I drive to Argos (in Totton) check the stock of my desired scales.  Sold out.  Ok not a problem I go for my second choice.  Sold out.  So I go back and look in the Argos book and see there is another set of mechanical scales for around the £15 mark.  Also sold out.   Now there is one last set of Salter mechanical scales but they are over the £20 mark.  Which is double what i wanted to spend and around £7 more that i was willing to spend (they were £22).  I’m about to go see if they have any stock in other stores when my eyes settle on a nice set of Salter digital scales at £14.99.  Looking at the features i see that it can not only tell me my weight but also my %of Body fat, %of Body water and my overall BMI and can have up to 8 separate users.  Now I like gadgets and the clincher is the 15 year Guarantee that comes with it.  The best bit though is that they are in stock.  So i fill out the paper slip, go to the till where the nice lady serving tells me there seems to have been a run on scales today (I’d already worked that out). Pay, collect my item and leave to go home.

So I go home and set up my profile.  Put in my age, height etc and step on the scales for the first time.

I not only discover what my weight is but also the percentage of body fat, percentage of body water and my BMI.  The good news is that I am just the right side of Obese but I am most definitely overweight (according to my BMI).  My body fat percentage is around the mid 40’s and my body water is also around the mid 40’s.  My wife was right i need to drink more water as for someone with my body fat, my body water is very low. For me to get into the optimal range for my BMI I need to lose around 3 1/2 to 4 stone.

I would say please don’t tell my wife she was right.  Problem is I know that she occasionally reads this and that on the off-chance she doesn’t notice my son will most definitely point it out to her.

Moving on.

Today I have also been looking at other things that I want to do.  It’s never been my intention that this chronicle such as it is be just about me getting fit and going to the gym.  If that was the case I would have called it Bloke gets fit.

See there is a rather large selection of “Stuff” that i just have never gotten around to doing or have always wanted to do.   The list includes but is not limited to: Fencing, Pottery, martial arts, learning to fly a plane, hang gliding, writing a novel, learning to program the computer, seeing the Grand Canyon, becoming and astronaut, climbing Everest, becoming a doctor, becoming and actor, dealing with my emotional baggage, taking a barrel over Niagara Falls,  Archery, becoming prime minister and lastly becoming a superhero.

Now some of these are probably just pipe dreams right now as i don’t have the money to for example learn to fly a plane.  Some of them are just silly fantasies from childhood (looking at you superhero).

There are some that are within reach though.  For example the local secondary school does martial arts classes.  There is a pottery place in town that I can take classes.  Southampton university has a fencing club and I have already paid for and not even started a Udemy course in Unity (that covers computer programming).

So keep an eye out and you will see the “Stuff” becoming a bit more of a prominent feature.

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