The End Of An Era And Other Stuff

Today marks the end of an Era and I’m a little saddened by it.

It may not be an important one to most or all other people (except maybe one or two) but it was to me.  You see I am no longer “Daddy” and am now just plain old “Dad”.  I must confess I was a little shocked by it as it just happened with no warning this morning.  My little Princess Pickle went to bed last night as my little girl and appears to have woken up as my young lady.  It went down something like this.

“Dad, Can I have a drink?” as she was walking down the stairs after getting up this morning.


“Thanks, Dad.” 

“Wait, Hang on, Come here a minute.” as I pat the sofa.

She comes over to sit next to me and I look at her and say “So, It’s Dad now then is it”


“Well, What happened to ,Daddy, then?”

Sigh “Well, Dad, I’m 7 so I’m going to call you Dad now as I’m too old to call you Daddy and (*Insert non-resident sons name) calls you Dad”

“Why do you think that you are too old?”

“Because I’m 7, Dad” with teenage level eye roll accompaniment.

“Has anyone been picking on you at School because you call me Daddy?”

“No, Dad”


“Yes, Dad, I’m just too old for Daddy now”  

“Well if that’s what you want to call me okay.  Now go get your drink.”


I smile a melancholy smile as i watch her stand up and head towards the kitchen as a thousand little swords stab my heart.  As she gets to the door though she does what i can be best described as kicking someone while they’re down.  She stops, turns round and smiles at me then utters this.

“I’m still going to call, Mummy, Mummy though as that is fine until you’re 8” and then she disappears round the corner.

Anyway that is the era that ended…with a double standard 🙁

The rest of the day was filled with normal stuff.  It’s a rest day so no running or exercise today, although I did walk to the local shop a couple of times (I normally Drive).  Oh and the newly christened Dad had to take his little lady to and from the panto/play with Brownies/Rainbows.  Interesting side note is that for a brief shining moment I was Daddy once more….as she asked for me to buy her a drink and some sweets (which I did).

So onto the other Stuff that I have decided to do with my time.  Three things in fact. 

First I’m going to make use of the Unity course that i have already paid for.   To be honest not sure how much I’ll be blogging about this as computer programming is a bit dry to people who don’t like computer programming.   What I will be doing however is posting the results here in zip file so if you are so inclined you can give my wonderful creations a go.

Second I’m going to give pottery a try.  Specifically at first throwing pots on a potters wheel.  I’ve been looking at different techniques all day on YouTube and I’m convinced that it is something that I will enjoy doing.  I’ll then expand to include Slab construction and molds etc.   Only thing i have yet to decide is where I’m going to start.  There is a shop in the Marlands that does a short 4 week course for £72 but that includes all firing and Glazes etc and has a max of 6 students.  The second is a much longer ten week course at Eastleigh College where materials have to be paid for and could have Twenty or so students.  As I type this I realize it’s going to be option A.  Assuming that I like it and that I take this up as a hobby you can look forward to me posting my creations as well as my failures. 

Third I’m going to take up a martial art with my daughter.  The issue here is which one.  I’ve narrowed it down to either Karate or Ju Jitsu.  I’m leaning towards Ju Jitsu but still not absolutely sure.  Still no rush.

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