Things My Car Broke, Woodturning And Other Stuff

So my car has been off the road for a little while now.

Having decided to get it back on the road, I price up the bits and decide that this will need to be done over a couple of weeks.  No there isn’t anything majorly wrong with it.  Just need a new passenger side rear brake caliper, discs for the rear and pads.  It’s just i’m not exactly swimming in spare cash (who is really).  So stage one is getting all the bits off to make sure i’m getting the right parts from the local supplier. 

My friend comes round to help me with the task on Saturday morning.  Now what I mean by help I mean do it while I make the tea.  He has the tools and I don’t it’s that simple.  So the car is jacked up, wheel is taken off and the first bolt is removed to remove the brake caliper and caliper carrier.  Thus far things are going rather swimmingly.  Should only be a five-minute job anyway.  Second bolt has not got this memo though.  It wont budge at all.  We try some concussive shock on it (ie hitting the wrench with a hammer) and it stubbornly stays in place.  Ok not the end of the world.  What we need is some good old WD40.  Problem here is neither my friend or I have any (well i have the silicon based one but that isn’t suitable for this kind of thing). So we leave my son in charge of the tool and go to Halfords to get some.

We return successful from our quest.  WD40 in hand we give the bolt a nice liberal spray and wait a few minutes.  We give it another quick spray and are content in the knowledge that it would now shift.  We were so so wrong.  We went through the whole routine and still the bolt wont shift. This is what happened to one of the spanners we tried….



So my friend decided that we now need drastic action.  He phones another friend of his and arranges to borrow and impact wrench.  We collect it and return.  Setting about the bolt it still wont come off.  Not even a slight loosening.  At this point it’s getting near the time i have to take my son home (My wife still has a car which is what I have been using).  My friend has another engagement that he has to get to (I’m also going and we well return to this later) so we decided to try again on Sunday and give the bolt another liberal spraying of WD40. I apply another liberal dose in the evening when I return and a final one late Sunday morning. 

Early Sunday afternoon my friend returns and we set about the bolt with the impact driver again.  After ten mins of going at it we hear a sound that sounds like its moving…at last.  So I decide to go inside and make a celebratory cuppa.  Tea made I return outside and notice my friend sat of the floor holding something out to me.  Great i think he’s got the bolt out.  Not at all as it turns out.  See the sound we heard wasn’t the bolt finally giving but the sound of the impact wrench bit starting to give.  What my friend was holding was in fact the two pieces of the impact wrench bit.  We had managed to shear it off.   This is what it looked like.



Nuts.  Now not only is the bolt still firmly in place but I now have to buy a new bit for the impact wrench.  The rest of the afternoon was spent hunting for a replacement bit, unsuccessfully.  In the end I turned to good old Ebay and managed to get a replacement.  We decided that we will return to the car in a week or so.  I’ll keep spraying it with WD40 and will buy a heatgun as this is our final option. I’ll let you know how it goes.   

Now I’ll return to that prior engagement that we had on the Saturday.  See my friend (we’ll call him friend A from now on) who helped me with the car has another friend (also mutual and friend B from now on) who happens to have wood turning as one of his hobbies. Friend A wishes to make a wooden turned pen for his girlfriends birthday.  Friend B is happy to help out and has invited Friend A down to make the pen and offer assistance where needed.  I just tag along as to be honest it’s something I wanted to see live so to speak. 

So I turn up at Friend B house later than expected as i had dropped my son off and had popped in to see my mum.  I’m let in and am shown some of friend B work.  Frankly I’m quite in awe of the skill he has.  The pieces he shows me are beautiful and real testament to his skill with a lathe.  Bowls, Cups and various other items all showing skill and care and bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. 

After exchanging pleasantries for ten or fifteen mins we go to the garage where he has his lathe.  Friend A is handed a piece of unremarkable looking wood with the pen blank already inside.   Over the course of the next couple of hours Friend A takes this unremarkable bit of wood and forms it into a remarkable and beautiful pen part with assistance from Friend B when needed.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of his pen, however, I did receive an unexpected gift.



This is an example of one of the types of pens that he makes.  As it happens it’s a bad example as this is one of his reject ones and as such wouldn’t sell it (The shine has gone flat under the clip).  This does not stop it being one of the nicest pens I have ever written with. 

So Friend A’s project is complete.  We all chat for a while longer and I have to leave as I’ve left my wife at home for far to long on her own. However, I will be going back Friday by invitation to try my hand at some wood turning so I guess you know what Friday’s post will feature.

So apart from this there isn’t much else to say.  Only normal everyday stuff like shopping etc.  About the only thing of any importance to add is that i will be returning to the Gym on Wednesday.  Would have been today but had to do some last minute shopping for my son’s 20th Birthday.  Did a lot of walking and my Knee feels fine-ish.   What I mean by that is I’m not in pain but it’s also not 100% though I am looking forward to getting back into it, although at a slower pace. 

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