Week 1 Done. I’m Surprised I got Here.

So today marks two things.

The first thing is that i have now completed the first week of my Couch to 5k Training program.  The second is that it is the one year anniversary of me giving up smoking (sure I Vape but this is slowly getting less and less and the nicotine content is going down).

I am quite pleased with both those things but particularly the first one and frankly I am surprised that I got this far.  You see I have traditionally had an off/very off relationship with any form of exercise and getting fit.  Sure I’ve joined a Gym before but never stuck with it.  I have been, to be frank, up until a week ago a couch potato.  I have now joined a gym and 3 times a week do 45 mins of Cardio and some weight training (was actually 4 times last week).  What surprises me the most is that I am thoroughly enjoying it.  It’s already having noticeable benefits in my life, for example, I can now go up the stairs without feeling a little out of breath.

Now it’s confession time.  The couch to 5k program for week one is 1) Five minutes Brisk Walk, 2) Run for one minute, 3) Brisk walk for One and a half minutes then repeat 2 & 3 another 7 times (total of 20 Mins).  Now my confession is that i have been forgoing step one.  Now before you start yelling cheat at me there is something you should know.  Step one is there to Warm up and prepare for steps 2 and 3. It assumes that you need to warm up.  Since I’m at the gym and training on the treadmill initially (lack of funds to buy running gear) my step one is actually 1) Five minutes on the step machine, 2) Ten minutes on the recumbent Bike, 3) Ten minutes on the Cross trainer.  Trust me by the end of that I’m warmed up.

Week two of the couch to 5k is the same as week one more or less with the difference of the run is a minute and a half and the walk is only a minute.

Oh i have also started using MyFitnessPal on my phone.  Initially I’m just trying to get the things I eat regularly on the app but i will eventually be monitoring my caloric intake a bit closer to see if I can stay on target.  I’ve also downloaded an App called Strava.  This app will actually track the runs or rides I do, so, tomorrow a bike ride is on the cards.

Now as I Said I’m feeling very pleased with myself so I’m going chill for the evening.  I may even watch the guy below on Netflix.



Laters 🙂

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