Week 2 Fail And Return of the Hurty Knee

So today was supposed to be the start of my second week of the couch to 5k running program

Unfortunately hurty left knee had other ideas.  Have no idea why it hurts.  Could just be that its my weaker knee and this sudden influx of exercise has taken it by surprise or it could be one of a hundred other things that range from minor to very serious.  Truth is that the only way I’m going to find out is by going to the Doctors and getting them to have a look.  May be nothing but they are more expert in it than me so hopefully can spot something.  Hell maybe I just pushed too hard and now my body is rebelling.  All i know is that i couldn’t manage more than 5 mins of my second week of the C25k and had to get off the treadmill.

Thing is I’m feeling a bit despondent and disappointed in myself.  Three weeks ago if you had told me that I’d feel this way because i couldn’t manage 20 mins of intermittent running and walking I would have laughed in your face.  Not because I couldn’t do it, but, because I couldn’t see myself doing it. I didn’t want to then.

Now, however, I have been well and truly bitten by the exercise bug and am chomping at the bit because i can’t complete a simple 45 minute workout.

I have a friend who completed the couch to 5k last year.  Due to an injury he can’t run at the moment and he his desperate to get out and do it.  I’ve known others in the same kind of situation and I have to say I never got it before.  I do now.

What a difference a week makes, it’s amazing really.

Still on the positive side there are things that I can still do.  Cycling is good apparently as is swimming.  Swimming in fact is probably the best idea.  Low impact and you work out quite a few of your muscles.  I also need to teach my daughter to swim properly so that ties in nicely.  As a bonus I can also dust of the goggles i bought about three years ago and it ties in with something i want to do with my daughter.


This is another thing I’ve been thinking of taking up.  Not major league stuff.  Just mucking about on the water with my daughter stuff.   I’ve looked at club prices, hire prices and buying prices.  Found a nice inflatable Kayak for around the £100 mark which looks like it would be fun.

Still will keep you updated 🙂


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  1. Just after I stopped (temporarly) running, I thought I would try swimming. So, after work one Wednesday, off to the pool I went. Managed about 20 laps. Not too bad I thought. Struggled to move my shoulder for about a week. This exercise thing is a joke. “Get fit” they said, “it’s easy” they said. “They” are people that have never been 18 stone smokers with no particular enthusiasm for exercise….

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